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Related article: to which exhilarating march the military, whom we had seen and heard on their way to church, were stepping back to their quarters. The Admiral having invited me to look round his ship, I began a tour of inspection under his guid- ance. We first visited the chart- room on the bridge - deck, and wherein also were stored the sig- nalling flags, each neatly folded up and in a pigeon-hole. Thence we descended to the engine-room. Here everything looked spick and span, and every bit of brass work shone resplendently. There was a noticeable absence of the rancid odour which generally seems to pervade steamboats, and the Admiral's explanation was suffi- cient to convince me that the presence of such odours was not as absolutely essential to the navigation of a vessel as their frequency might lead one to infer. A look round the men's quarters followed, Buy Cheap Naltrexone and a visit was paid to the ship's pet, a young gull, who was enjoying a bath near. He had been Generic Naltrexone appropriated from a rock off the coast of Scilly before he was full-fledged. He seemed to have settled down contentedly and to be happy and comfortable in his new quarters. He had been duly christened " Our Bobs " by the crew, perhaps on Purchase Naltrexone account of his capacity for inaking the best of Order Naltrexone things and adapting him- self to changeable circumstances, or more probably because it was the one name of all others upper- most in their minds, and one which also best represented affec- 1900.] NOTES OP A YACHTING CRUISE BY A LANDSMAN. 343 tionate admiration. Before leav- Naltrexone Online ing the fo*c'sle I was initiated into the art of salting and drying pollack for home consumption, a recent fishing excursion having resulted in a good catch. I was glad, during my survey, to ob- serve that there was no lack of boats belonging to the yacht, in case we ever had to abandon her, for they included a good-sized steam cutter, a galley, a gig and a dingy, and there were also plenty of life-preservers. After lunch I was well content to laze about under the deck awning, sometimes reading, some- times chatting, sometimes nap- ping, with a deHghtful sense of irresponsibility for anything. Now and then a butterfly, and occa- sionally a bee, would pay us a visit, apparently Purchase Naltrexone Online to remind us of the fields and pastures they came from, with a view to enticing us thither. But we were not to be moved until the lady of the ship proposed a trip up the river Fal in the steam cutter, which opened up too seductive a scenic prospect to be disregarded. So we, the Admiral, the ship's lady, two after- noon callers Order Naltrexone Online and myself, with Tom, the stoker, set forth on as pleasant a jaunt as one could desire. The winding shores, with their deep and wooded inlets, the masses of foliage reflected in the still water, and the glorious azure sky above all, Buy Naltrexone afforded a succession of scenes of natural beauty of which it seemed impossible to tire. For a brief spell we landed, and, after making a gentle ascent, found an ideal spot for afternoon tea. Here, where **the wind did gently kiss the trees," and 'neath the shade of many boughs, we looked down upon as lovely a scene of river and Buy Naltrexone Online woodland as the imagination could picture. On re-embarking we steamed on till within sight of Truro and its cathedral, and then, in the cool of the evening, turned yachtwards for dinner. On our return the Admiral be- thought him that there would probably be mackerel waiting about outside the harbour the following morning, and that it would be well for me to be initi- ated as soon as possible into the modus operandi of sea-fishing, so, as a preliminary, the tackle was overhauled. Six a.m. was fixed as the starting hour, which, as it did not at all correspond to my customary hour of rising, induced me to express a doubt as to whether the fish would be about so early as this. The Admiral, who, as usual, was equal to the occasion, simply remarked, in a tone that implied I had furnished an irrefutable reason in favour of his proposition, " So much the better, we shall catch 'em asleep.** I said no more, for I foresaw there was a danger of my uncon- sciously supplying arguments in favour of a still earlier hour, if I kept not the silence that is golden. Although we turned in early, I seemed to have only just settled down to the business of sleep' when the attentive Sam was at my cabin door with the early tea and biscuit and a reminder that my tub was in readiness. Soon we were on our way in the cutter, with the Admiral at the helm and Tom at the engine. I was not long in realising what I should have missed had I stopped in my berth and neglected " the breezy call of incense- breathing morn,*' the glorious sunshine, the fresh air laden with life-giving ozone, the manifold beauties of sea and sky. Body and mind must be past redemption if they are not to be invigorated by such influences as these. We were to fish with lines and spinners, and so the Admiral, anxious to put the tackle in order, 344 baily's magazine. [November and with a trustful confidence in myself which I did not share, soon requested me to take the helm with the simple instruction that ** port " meant right and ** star- board " left. I felt very much as I do when a friend steps out of a dog-cart, with a high-actioned horse in the shafts, and tosses me the reins whilst he goes off on an errand. Most of the shipping about seemed to make straight for us, and I was constantly taking wide detours to escape them, to the mystification of the Admiral, whose injunctions to '' keep an even course *' I woefully disre- garded. After many a time and oft starboarding when I ought to have been porting and then en- deavouring to rectify this, before I was found out, by sudden and desperate grips at the tiller, which generally made matters worse, I somehow mastered the main prin- ciples of the art of steering at sea. I am Cheap Naltrexone pleased to say that, in acquiring this knowledge, I neither sank our own craft nor any other, a feat of which I was justly proud. I conclude that the special pro- vidence which is supposed to watch over children and ine-